Our fate is tied to the oceans

Once again, I find myself writing about water pollution.

I went to an ‘exclusive’ holiday resort in India this June. The resort had all the luxuries one could ever want. What’s more, it was right near a seemingly enticing sea beach. Unsuspectingly, I ran towards the water only to find myself in contact with a brown, oil-like liquid splashing all over me. What a shock! Continue reading

Will Vietnam avoid the mistakes China made?

As I stepped out of Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat Airport last fortnight, I smelt the air anxiously to judge if the pollution levels had mounted after my last visit two years back.Being hailed as the next China, Vietnam is said to have Asia’s second largest growing economy and the pace of exports to the US is supposed to be rising faster than even China’s. What all this means to the environment, more specifically the water and wastewater sector is not hard to guess. Continue reading

A Raw Deal for Vegetarians


It is the same story at every conference I attend. At lunchtime, I move towards the food-laden tables hoping to find something that I can eat, but end up being thoroughly disappointed. The only items on offer for vegetarians are salads; all very good to look at, but not at all filling. On the other hand, meat-eaters have a variety of dishes to choose from. Why are vegetarians given a raw deal? Continue reading