Cleaning the Ganga is not about just cleaning the Ganga


Direct Potable Reuse: Crossing the Barrier

Pandering to public perceptions can often lead to expensive and somewhat absurd decisions. Take the case of indirect potable reuse of water. Is it not a waste to purify wastewater to such advanced levels, blend it with water of lower purity and then let it get treated all over again at drinking water treatment plants to supposedly make it fit for drinking? Or to take tertiary treated effluent and make it recharge groundwater through layers of soil pulling in contaminants all over again? Continue reading

To drink or not to drink, wonders Australia

The debate about drinking reclaimed wastewater is gathering momentum in Australia as the country suffers from a severe drought – probably the worst on record. 

In the Australian state of Queensland, the Premier Peter Beattie cancelled a referendum on wastewater recycling saying that falling water levels had left his state administration with no option but to introduce recycled water.  Continue reading