Water quality is not just a developing country issue


Pollution of America’s drinking water is in the news again. 15 years ago, when I saw the Oscar-winning Erin Brokovich, it opened my eyes to the horror of industrial water pollution in the developed world. Continue reading

Conversation with Nepali water expert Dipak Gyawali

If there is one person who says it without flinching, it is Dipak Gyawali. He explains how international water agencies try to impose unnatural systems of water management with no regard for existing traditional systems, which results in complete failure. He also talks about the power of Nepal’s communities, which are able to come together and rebuild after a calamity, without waiting for the government. Technology must be used to improve traditional systems, not supplant them, he says.

Stop the bottling of Mansarovar Lake water in Tibet!

It has come to light that Shanghai resident of Indian origin Vaishali Midha, wife of the Dell chief for the Asia Pacific region, Amit Midha is launching a mineral water brand, sourced from the Mansarovar Lake in Tibet. According to Rahul Kanwal, Managing Editor, TV Today Network (http://www.dailyo.in/politics/rahul-kanwal-modi-china-jinping-jaishankar-weibo-keqiang-chinese-airlines-make-in-india-mansarovar/story/1/3794.html), the bottles of water from one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world will be priced at INR 80 per bottle starting October 2015. The special packing of the bottles is purported to be designed by TV actor Mohit Raina and comes with rudraksh beads on the cap, and Hindu god Shiva’s teachings printed on a parchment inside the pack. Continue reading