Courtesy: Vinay Rao

Courtesy: Vinay Rao

For those living in Singapore, Seoul or Hong Kong it might be hard to imagine living conditions where house-owners have to make elaborate pumping and storage arrangements for holding on to the few hours of water supplied in a day. Conversely, it is equally hard for those living in India to imagine a house with no arrangement to pump, store or treat water because clean tapwater is supplied 24 hours in a day. Continue reading

Food waste – down the bin, drain or in the soil?

I have just discovered a new fact about America. Most American households do not throw their kitchen waste in the garbage bin; they throw it down their drains. An interesting contraption installed under the kitchen sink called the garbage disposal unit captures the food waste, shreds it into small pieces (less than 2mm) after which it passes into the plumbing. Continue reading

Twinning – a strategy that needs nurturing

For a long time now, it has been realised that to improve the water and sanitation services in the Asian region, twinning is an important strategy.

There are some water utilities in Asia that are performing very well in the midst of thousands that are not. If some way could be found for the better-performing utilities to mentor the poorly-performing ones, then the performance of the entire region could be invigorated. Continue reading