Water for energy and energy for water

The inter-linkages between energy and water have always been known. For generating energy on a large scale as in thermal power plants, large amounts of water are required. In steam turbine plants, the dynamic pressure generated by expanding steam is used to turn the blades of a turbine. Once water has gone through this cycle, it is cooled and condensed back to water and then reheated to drive the turbines again. Continue reading

Experts deliberate on Asian Water and Sanitation

At the Experts Consultation Meeting held in Singapore on Thursday, a gamut of issues ailing the water and sanitation sector were put forth by experts from funding organisations, water utilities, researchers, NGOs and a slew of other organisations.

Water experts are working around the clock to prepare a forward-looking document called Asian Water and Development Outlook (AWDO) which will act as a guide for policy makers of the region. AWDO will articulate the overall directions for water and sanitation activities needed to be pursued in an integrated manner by national leaders.

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