Using the power of Big Data


Everywhere you look, you find data. There is data from invoices, storage records and delivery records. There is data from millions of machines: sensors, meters, smartphones, CC TV cameras, industrial machines and endless gizmos. Then there is social data coming from Facebook likes, tweets, youtube views and more. There is data about data. As the world gets “smarter” with more collection of data, it is also getting more cluttered. Continue reading

The Age of Information Technology?

Data data everywhere but where is the information?

Do you know how much water your country has in its lakes, rivers and wells? Do you know the same about your state? Or maybe your city? Do you know where to get all this information from or whether it is updated and reliable? These were the questions put forward by Rajendra Singh, an expert in traditional rainwater harvesting at a conference held in the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. There were no answers. Continue reading