Could we have the figures for leaking sewers, please?

Today, the concept of non-revenue water or NRW has become well-established for judging the efficiency of water utilities. The difference between water which is supplied to the network and the water which is billed denotes a loss of revenue that has come to be called NRW. Experts rightly declare that it is a misleading term and IWA has urged the use of Infrastructure Leakage Index or ILI to describe the efficiency of the real loss management of water utilities.

While ILI might need some time to take root, we do have the NRW percentages for countries around the world, for whatever they are worth. Thus, there is Malaysia with 41%, India with 40%, France with 27% (yes, the home of Veolia and Suez), Spain with 25%, UK with 23%, China with 22%, US with 11%, Germany with 8% and the only redeeming figure for Asia – Singapore with 5%.

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