Gallons of water for some coffee?

When a friend informed me last month that the well-known Starbucks Coffee chain was wasting millions of gallons of water a day, it came as a big shock. Surely, the coffee chain which claims to embrace green principles by requesting customers to bring their own tumblers instead of consuming paper cups could not commit such a gaffe, I thought. Besides, drinking water does not come cheap in countries such as Singapore and Australia, I reasoned. How naïve I was. Continue reading

A Raw Deal for Vegetarians


It is the same story at every conference I attend. At lunchtime, I move towards the food-laden tables hoping to find something that I can eat, but end up being thoroughly disappointed. The only items on offer for vegetarians are salads; all very good to look at, but not at all filling. On the other hand, meat-eaters have a variety of dishes to choose from. Why are vegetarians given a raw deal? Continue reading