Water quality is not just a developing country issue


Pollution of America’s drinking water is in the news again. 15 years ago, when I saw the Oscar-winning Erin Brokovich, it opened my eyes to the horror of industrial water pollution in the developed world. Continue reading

The colours of criminal dumping

bangladesh pollution colours

I’ve been seeing red very often these days. It started early this year when The Guardian posted a picture of a bright red Jianhe River in Luoyang, China. The colour was caused by illegal wastewater discharges from chemical plants. Continue reading

Our fate is tied to the oceans

Once again, I find myself writing about water pollution.

I went to an ‘exclusive’ holiday resort in India this June. The resort had all the luxuries one could ever want. What’s more, it was right near a seemingly enticing sea beach. Unsuspectingly, I ran towards the water only to find myself in contact with a brown, oil-like liquid splashing all over me. What a shock! Continue reading