Twinning – a strategy that needs nurturing

For a long time now, it has been realised that to improve the water and sanitation services in the Asian region, twinning is an important strategy.

There are some water utilities in Asia that are performing very well in the midst of thousands that are not. If some way could be found for the better-performing utilities to mentor the poorly-performing ones, then the performance of the entire region could be invigorated. Continue reading

SEAWUN has a sea of work ahead

When the South East Asian Water Utilities network (SEAWUN) was formed five years ago, it sounded like a great idea. The developing countries of the Asian region face similar problems, and the root of it all is poor governance. From this thick root emerges a tree of endless problems of mismanaged utilities, polluted waterways, low tariffs, high non revenue water, illegal water connections, intermittent water supply, low consumer awareness, lack of skilled manpower, unserved urban poor and whatever else one can imagine.

SEAWUN states that it goal is to help the member utilities improve their performance in the delivery of water and sanitation services for all, including operation and management efficiency, achieving financial viability, and advocating for sector reforms for improved policy environment, contributing to realise the goal “Water for All”. Continue reading