Myanmar on the cusp of change

IMG_1506After decades of isolation, Myanmar is welcoming investments and technical expertise from international organisations. Its water and wastewater sector needs to be built up from scratch. Will Myanmar be able to avoid the mistakes made by countries in the region? Continue reading

A little money goes a long way

A little money goes a long way

Years ago, I went inside an urban slum for the first time in my life. It was to see how improved water and sanitation facilities were affecting the lives of the dwellers. A group of women came up to me and proudly showed their bank pass books. It was a soul-stirring and deeply moving moment. The women had saved small amounts in the range of US$20 to US$30. That was my first introduction to micro-credit. Continue reading

The Age of Information Technology?

Data data everywhere but where is the information?

Do you know how much water your country has in its lakes, rivers and wells? Do you know the same about your state? Or maybe your city? Do you know where to get all this information from or whether it is updated and reliable? These were the questions put forward by Rajendra Singh, an expert in traditional rainwater harvesting at a conference held in the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. There were no answers. Continue reading